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Photos from 98-99

One of my senior picture poses

Another senior picture

Varsity Soccer 98

Lacing up for the game with my dad(the coach)

Seniors for 98 Soccer Season

Top:Coach Clair(my dad) Middle:Jen(me), Lynn, Kelly, Andrea Bottom: Meg, Diana

Me Playing High School Varsity Basketball

More basketball

More basketball

Seniors for 99 basketball season

Nina, Meg, Melissa, Susie, Diana, and Jen(ME)

Lynn, Kelly, Cassie, and Jen(me)

Me, Mark and Nissa waiting during intermission for Act II to start [Guys and Dolls]

Final scene in guys and dolls

The Finale

Me after the show

Tomm and I before his Semi-Formal

Me waiting for Tomm before his Semi-Formal

Tomm and I again before his Semi-Formal

Adam and I at his Junior Prom

Matt and I playing Romeo and Juliet at the Junior Prom 99

Nick and I in the Limo after the Junior Prom 99

Katie, Christina, and Jen(me) posed at their Junior Prom 99

Katie and I sleeping on the way to Hershey, PA on the band trip

Tomm and I outside before my Senior Banquet

Tomm and I before my Senior Banquet

Tomm and I before my Senior Banquet

Katie(my sister) and Sov with Jen(me) and Tomm

Nissa and Sarah at the Senior Banquet

Matt and Jessie at the Banquet

Me at the table at my Senior Banquet

Tomm and Vladamir at the Banquet

Katie(my sister) and Baru at my Banquet

Matt and Tomm at the Banquet

Tomm and I at my Senior Banquet

The Crew posed at the Banquet

Top:Katie(my sis), Jen(me), Krista, Lynn, Kelly Middle:Sov, Tomm, Paul, Matt, Matt, Bottom:Baru

The Softball Team at the Senior Banquet 99

Katie(my sis), Susie, Lynn, Erin, Diana, Meg, Jen(me), Melissa and Coach Drake

Me waiting for the group to head off to Lake George after the Banquet

Me talking to Josh and Sam at the Spring Sports Awards 99

Getting my CT State HS Performing Arts Award

Gary(my godbrother) and I at Graduation

My godparents and I and my Grandparents at my Graduation

My Grandparents and I at Graduation

My Parents and I at Graduation

Me and Vladamir Graduating

Back: Mom, Gram, Katie, Me, Dad, Mathew(my youngest cousin), and Uncle Bruce
Front: Kerry and Will

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