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Photos from 2000-2001

Me dancing on the couch @ Hillary's Pimp/Hoe Party

Some of the sisters with our FOUR Sweethearts @the Sweetheart Auction

The greek rock after we lost our charter, ASA DELTA RHO FOREVER

Meg and I on the beach at Myrtle Beach, SC

Meg and I at Myrtle Beach, SC

Jen S., Meg, and I at Myrtle Beach, SC

Todd and I in Myrtle Beach

Me, Courtney, and Jen S. at Myrtle Beach, SC

Me, Joy, and Meg at dinner at AXP Banquet Myrtle Beach

Jen Sweeney, April, Me, and Joy at AXP spring Initiation party

My friend Dom and I on my front porch in Jordan Center 2000

Stacey(my roomie) and I

The Crew Camping June 2001

TOP: Erica, Markie, Gak, Ant, Paul, Lynn, Sov, Jen(me), Jimmy

MIDDLE: Paul H., Diane, Jenn, Ali, Actor, Crazy D, Sam
BOTTOM: Phoebe


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