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An explanation for all those things you hear about guard

One More Time – code for a dozen more times

Air Flag – doing routine without equipment

Drop Spins – fundamental flag work

Flagling – new recruit to the color guard

Flagget – nickname for color guard member

Silk – material on the pole; the actual flag

Band Geek – one who lives in the band hall; is obsessed with band

Brain Sucker – one who has not memorized the routine and watches others to know what comes next

Car Wash – when flag work is not together

Veterans – have previous guard experience; hopefully know what they’re doing

Helicopter – parallel toss

Spaceburger – when free hands are holding an imaginary hamburger

Color Guard – people who swing flags and toss rifles to distract the audience’s attention away from the band

Drill – physical placement of band members and color guard members on the football field

Football - pregame/opener for the halftime show

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