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2000 Pictures @ Elon College

Jen and I on my 19th Birthday

Friends hanging out near Alamance Fountain

The Snow we got January 2000 in Elon, North Carolina (like my snowman?)

My Alpha Sigma Alpha Family: Tiffany(my big), Maria(my big big)and Me

Stacey and I outside the boys' room in Jordan Center Spring 2000

Tonya and I (one of my Alpha Sigma Sisters)

Jen and I at the Alpha Sigma Alpha Spring Semi-Formal

Me & My Alpha Sigma Alpha Sisters

in order from left to right: Chantel, Jen S., ME, Steph, Ronnie, and Hillary laying across the bottom

Chantel, Jen S., Andy, some guy I don't know, and Me hanging out

Alpha Sigma Alpha Star Circle in Jordan Center
ME, Sara, LeeAnn on the bottom and Jen S. and Steph on the the top

Our party after initiation. Misty, Jen S., & ME celebrate with champaign

Jen S. and I during Pref Round of Formal Recruitment

Me, Misty and Jen S. on Bid Day of Formal Recruitment

Our fabulous artwork on the rock in Greek Courts

Kerry, Me, Will, and Katie at Will's 8th grade graduation

Me, Will, Katie, Chris, and Kerry at Katie's graduation

Me, Katie, Christina, and Jen W. at their Class of 2000 graduation

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